Our programs focus on 6 key areas of development:

  • FUN (the joy of play)
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS (sport as part of a healthy lifestyle)
  • CO-ORDINATION (body awareness & control)
  • MOBILITY (movement & spatial awareness)
  • PROBLEM -SOLVING (co-operation)
  • ORDER OF GAME (respect for rules)

In the Schools

Fencing in the school is an excellent Physical Education curriculum enrichment program. Fencing is a sport where the students are afforded the opportunity to practice a variety of skills in a fast paced, think-on-your-feet environment.

The MFA provides certified coaches to come out to your school and offer the basic understanding of fencing in a very safe and fun environment.

Class sizes work best with less than 20 students, however, more students can be accommodated.

Costs include the coach fee per hour, equipment rental and mileage, if your school is located outside the city of Winnipeg.

Please contact the MFA office for more details or to check on coach availability!


The school program can be adapted to any sort of group that is interested in learning the basics of fencing!

The MFA also has athletes who will do demonstrations at Special Events.

Please contact the MFA office to see if a fencing demonstration/clinic is right for your event or group!

Safety First

By applying the rules of fencing and wearing special protective clothing, students are completely safe while they learn the educative values of this fun and exciting lifetime sport.

Contact the MFA office for fee schedule and available dates.