Coaching is an integral part of fencing. Listed below are the coaching levels that can be obtained with the assistance of member clubs and the MFA.

Coaching Levels

As part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) there are three coaching streams that a coach of any level may be part of:

  • Community Sport
  • Instructional
  • Competition

Coaching Training & Clinics

Please follow this link to review the current refereeing course application. If you are interested in courses and/or missed a deadline, please contact the MFA’s office for additional opportunities.

Respect in Sport

Are you a coach? Have you completed your Respect in Sport training? The Respect in Sport program is designed to ensure sport in the province is safe and welcoming to all participants. The program helps to promote these values through a simple and convenient on-line training course for coaches and sport leaders. Respect in Sport is mandatory for all fencing coaches.