Bingo Policy

20.3 MFA Bingo policy, revised February 2014

Policy Statement

The Manitoba Fencing Association receives support through a funding agreement between the Provincial Government, the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation (the “MLLC”), and Sport Manitoba. This support requires the MFA to provide volunteers to work at bingos held at Club Regent Casino and McPhillips Street Station Casino. This policy outlines the process used to designate volunteers and to distribute the funding received.


This policy applies to MFA members including but not limited to its athletes, their relatives, guardians, friends, coaches, officials, MFA member clubs, and MFA staff.


The MFA office receives notice each year from Sport Manitoba of the number of bingo spots awarded to the MFA for the fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st). Prior to the start of each fiscal quarter, based on the allocation made by Sport Manitoba to the MFA, the MLLC mails notice of the dates of the bingo spots for that quarter to the MFA office. The Executive Director then sends confirmation for that quarter to the MLLC and forwards these dates to the MFA Bingo Coordinator (the “Coordinator”).

The Coordinator’s role is to ensure that the MFA meets its obligations to Sport Manitoba and to the MLLC. The most important of these responsibilities is the recruitment of volunteers to work at the bingos assigned to the MFA. The Coordinator can be any volunteer named by the MFA Board.

At the beginning of each fencing season (beginning September 1st), the Coordinator will create a pool of volunteers to serve as a dependable source throughout the season. Since volunteering to work bingos can be an important source of funding to help athletes pay for their fencing costs, the Coordinator will focus first on the adult athletes and the parents of non-adult athletes who have been accepted to the Provincial Team. The Coordinator will try to contact all of these people to determine their interest and availability to work as bingo volunteers. The Coordinator will then contact all MFA clubs to collect the names and contact information of their members who are interested in bingo volunteering. All volunteers in the bingo volunteer pool must be 18 years old or over and must be an MFA member or related in some way to an MFA member.

When the Coordinator receives the quarterly allocation of bingo dates from the Executive Director, the Coordinator will fill all of the volunteer spots required for the quarter as soon as possible. The number of volunteer spots to be filled will be the number of volunteers required by the MLLC plus two alternate positions which serve as back-up in case volunteers are not present on time. If, as judged by the Coordinator, weather or other conditions increase the risk of having insufficient volunteers present on time, a third alternate position may be added at the Coordinator’s discretion. While priority for volunteer spots will be given to those MFA members who bear the highest fencing costs, the Coordinator will attempt to give every MFA member an opportunity to work at least one bingo each season. If a volunteer wants to work more than one bingo in a season, that volunteer must alternate between a working and an alternate position unless the Coordinator has no difficulty filling alternate positions. The Coordinator will maintain a record of the athletes who have received bingo funding and will present this record for inspection by any MFA Board member at any MFA Board meeting or by the MFA President on request. If anyone feels that the allocation of bingo spots by the Coordinator is unfair, this person must bring the complaint first to the Coordinator and, if unsatisfied, then to the Board who will direct the Coordinator as it sees fit.

MFA clubs will have the opportunity to raise funds for their club by requesting a club bingo session where the club will provide all of the volunteers needed to work, including three alternates. When a club requests a club session, the Coordinator will give the club first choice of any bingo session of the next quarterly allocation from the MLLC.

The volunteers working a bingo session will decide among themselves who will be the chairperson for that session. The chairperson is responsible for obtaining the casino’s attendance sheet for that session and forwarding it to the MFA office within one week of the bingo session so that the volunteers in attendance (or the club for a club session) receive(s) the proper credit. All volunteers and alternates are asked to arrive at least a half hour before their bingo session is scheduled to begin in order to avoid being late.

Distribution of Bingo Funding

The MFA receives from the MLLC the funds earned from bingos allocated to it and distributes a portion of these funds to the volunteers who worked their designated bingo session. All volunteers who work a bingo will have a credit of $75 given to the MFA athlete they support, while all alternates will have a credit of $25 given to the MFA athlete they support. In the case of a club bingo session, all credits will be paid in cash to the club after the MFA has received from the club a written description of the fencing-related purpose for the club bingo session.

If a volunteer is not present at the time volunteers are asked to begin working the bingo, that volunteer will not be given any credit and may, at the discretion of the Coordinator, lose the opportunity to volunteer for bingos for the rest of that fencing season. An alternate who is required to work a bingo will receive the $75 credit for working the bingo and the $25 credit for being an alternate. In the event of a disagreement as to which alternate will work the bingo and which will go home, the alternate who has been an alternate most frequently that season will work or, if this cannot be determined, the alternate who volunteered first for the session in question will work. All credits will be applied first to amounts owed to the MFA or, if nothing is owed, may be kept as a credit with the MFA or may be paid by cheque payable to the MFA athlete the volunteer supports as long as the MFA has received a copy of fencing-related (MFA charges, equipment, tournament registration or travel) receipts showing expenditures made by or on behalf of the MFA athlete. Any credits not claimed within 60 days of the beginning of the next fencing season will be cancelled and forfeited to the general revenues of the MFA.